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I started writing later in life. My first book was because I wanted other people to know that you can go through life-changing difficulties and still live an extraordinary life. Supposing you get the right help and are positive. I then decided to start writing children's books as I feel it's vital that children enjoy reading and using their imagination instead of watching everything on televisions, phones & tablets. Then finally, my hobby is cooking and making tasty food, so I have published my first recipe book. I shall continue to add to my readers over the next year, and I look forward to reading all of your reviews & looking at the pictures I send.

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The adventures of Mexi the boat dog- Series

There are now three books in the series. The books are aimed at children up to the age of eleven. the books are about Mexi the boat dog. She lives on a narrowboat with her human mummy and daddy. She meets lots of friends on her trips and learns lots of life lessons. She has so much fun and loves it when she meets new people and learns new things.

In 2023 there will be at least two more books added to her series and I hope your children enjoy reading them. They can also send in their pictures and stories and they will be added to my website.


Always live your dream and believe in yourself. There is nothing that you can’t do and it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

Maxine K Brown

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United Kingdom


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